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展览开放时间Opening time

2019年4月20日-22日 9:00-16:30  



参观须知Visiting notice


观众注册Visitor register


预登记观众Pre-registration visitors


现场登记观众On-site visiting register


Time :April 20-22,2019(9:00—16:30)

Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

The exhibition is a professional exhibition. we open to professionals freely ,and the organizers have right to determine whether the audience can enter the exhibition  Please make sure to take your exhibitor card ,and follow the recommendations and guidance of staff.

Professional visitors must fill out the registration form before entering the exhibition hall,and are allowed to enter after exchanging for your visitor card.

Visitors through the network, the website booking registration, telephone invitation to fill out the receipt of the receipt form and set the phone number can enter the exhibition hall after exchanging your phone number for visitor cards.

Professional visitors must file in a registration form(with  two visiting  cards ).After checking ,you can enter the "site registration visitor " channel exchange for access card and into the exhibition hall.